Welcome to the USALTER company page! USALTER is a young and promising company that offers Handyman services at affordable prices.

My name is Denis Kashirin, and I would like to offer you my Handyman services. 

I have sufficient experience and skills to perform minor repairs in your home. I can repair your drywall, restore texture, and paint problem areas. Additionally, I have experience with electrical installations (outlet replacement) and plumbing (toilet replacement), as well as furniture assembly and other minor home repairs. I can also clean gutters and repair fences. Unfortunately, I do not have a contractor's license, and according to California state law, I am limited in the scope and nature of the work I can undertake. I cannot handle larger projects or tasks related to electrical, plumbing, construction, or other specialized areas.

If you require handyman services, please contact us at Denis@usalter.com, preferably with a photo attached, although it is not mandatory. We will provide you with an estimated cost for the work. You can also contact the office at 916-495-6126. For a more accurate assessment, we may need to visit your location to consider all the necessary details. Rest assured, our prices are very competitive.

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